Markham’s History of Giving Back

Markham Vineyards understands the value of community involvement, and the inspiration for the Mark of Distinction program can be found in the history of the winery itself. With a lineage dating to 1874, this pioneering winery has always upheld a tradition of unwavering commitment to Napa Valley, giving back through a wide range of charitable initiatives. Markham Vineyards believes it could not have become the success it is today without the support of the community, and as a result, developed the Mark of Distinction program to empower locals to share in the spirit of giving back.
Led by president and valley native Bryan Del Bondio, Markham Vineyards today owns over 300 acres of Napa Valley vineyards, and also purchases grapes from established local growers, most of whom have worked with the winery for many years. “Our growers are like an extension of our Markham family,” says Winemaker Kimberlee Nicholls. Del Bondio agrees: “This valley is my life. Just as our investment in the land and the people of Napa Valley produce great wines, we believe that any individual who invests time, energy and passion toward the betterment of their community is capable of greatness.” The Mark of Distinction program serves to assist such exceptional individuals.
Markham Vineyards gives back at both the local and national levels, and has long been a supporter of the charities. To learn more about each one and find out how you can help, check out our About The Program page.